Epiphany Song

Where in Vedic contemplations dare we find the God of all?
Yes, the bare, unpersoned Oneness; never there the Lover’s call.
But here within the Jewish minds,
This wanderer astonished finds
God of gods in history
Manifest for me.
Dare the message come to me, a hung’ring heart for a distant Lord?
Let me swim this sweetened sea, and let me hear His word.
Where in Zoroaster’s wisdom dare we find the God in birth?
God beyond our comprehending bent to bring divine to earth?
But now is God this baby here
To make the Lover’s message clear.
God of gods in infancy
Manifest to me!
Dare the infant come to me, hung’ring for a nearer light?
In the weakling flesh to see the God transcending sight.
Where in our theistic glory dare we think that God could die?
Here with flesh now interwoven, can th’ Eternal learn to cry?
But in this boggling, wondrous sign
Are pain and death now made divine.
God of gods’ mortality
Manifest to me!
Dare the Savior come to me, hung’ring for the dying grace?
Scars of heaven set me free and let me see Your face.

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