Flame, Wind and Dove

In the unrelenting night, I have hungered for your light
And found more darkness.
In a world not set apart, I have gone to seek my heart
And come back heartless.
O Holy Spirit, gentle Dove of heaven’s will,
Come and heal me, come and make the storm winds still.
For I cry in the loneliness of sin.
Won’t you sing your gentle song in to my haunted din?
I’ve no comfort, no solace, no peace.
Holy Whisper, please come and announce release.
For I hunger, Lord, to rest on the softeness of Your feathered breast.
Remind me of grace in the great Savior’s love
Holy Spirit, True God, gentle Dove.
In this world where pain is real I have claimed compassion’s zeal
But found it hollow.
I should serve a world in need, and I have prayed for You to lead
But I don’t follow.
O Holy Spirit, driving Wind of mercy’s hand,
Come and move me, come and raise this settled sand.
Love’s becalmed in my selfish doldrum seas.
Raise the waves of love’s impatience with injustice and disease.
Blow into me and billow my sails;
Holy service made strong in compassion’s gales.
Move me forward from thought into deed,
Serving in a world of desperate need.
O be my love’s power where compassion has thinned,
Holy Spirit, True God, mighty Wind.
Though I know the blinding light in the beatific sight
I cannot see it.
I would let the holy flash burn my soul to love and ash
If you would free it.
O Holy Spirit, awesome Flame of heaven’s fire,
Come consume me with eternity’s desire.
Burn me speechles at the glory of Your face:
The unbearable delight within the shelter of Your grace.
Come ignite me, enkindle my praise,
Wetted tinders that burst into wondering blaze.
Love unbrideled like the wild angels roared:
“Holy, Holy, Holy Lord!”
Melt me and burn me at the sound of Your name,
Holy Spirit, True God, burning Flame.
Come Lord, remake me in power and love,
Holy Spirt, Flame Wind and Dove.
(Inspired by Alva Steffler’s triptych)

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