Sine Nomine

I look beyond the private sea
And wonder that the world for me is turning.
The majesty of mountains rise
For me and for my forming eyes now learning.
And I but half discovered
See that I beloved grow.
Ergo canto domino.
The planets ply the vacuum deep,
Receive from me their circle sweep and station.
For in my hand the pilgrim weaves
The birth of stars, the death of leaves and nations.
And though the void hum coldly
Still let the children boldly go.
Et cantamus domino.
Listen to the melody, listen to it flying.
Hearken to Fidelity perfect in His dying.
Focus on Eternity focusing His eyes on me.
The tears have left the distant eyes
That see the flashing future rise demanding.
And though the ones now present are stained,
The tears are true, the hope is trained and standing.
And in the vision I, the child,
Shall weep the song the angels wildly cry:
Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus Dominus
Deus exercituum!
Pleni sunt coeli et terra gloria Tua!

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