Romance Poem

How I long to fly
Across the star-filled sky,
Sing the ever-changing lilt of light on clouds that dance along!
To swim the swirling seas
And play along the breeze,
On the storms and surging currents toward the fountainhead of song!
The unrestrained eruption of the ever-flowing dance!
The effervescent newness of romance.

How I long to sleep
Enfolded in the deep,
Rest within the womb-like wonder that no birth can rip away!
To float upon the sure
And changeless Ever-pure,
And to bask in clear, eternal Sun in never-ending day!
The deep, unmoving safety from the carelessness of chance!
The strong and pure assurance of romance.

How I long to be
The I no longer me,
Touch the Oneness of the Many, ever changing pure to pure!
To fly toward the kiss,
At rest within the bliss,
Live the leaping, diving, hungry dance where every step is sure!
To never change the lyrics of the ever-changing chord:
The praise and perfect romance of the Lord.